When Shelly (a vulnerable trans-woman) goes missing, Francis (a recovering alcoholic) sets out to find her, unwittingly forming allegiances with a local criminal network, throwing him headlong into Shelly’s private world of sex, drugs, violence and family. As secrets are exposed and tensions mount, a search for Shelly devolves into a quest for meaning in the face of oblivion. This independent drama explores themes of capitalist greed and toxic masculinity within the context of a procedural drama in the tradition of classic film-noir.


Our goal first and foremost is to present an authentic and deeply felt reflection of the current realities of the working poor within the greater Twin Cities metro area. We are seeking to depict the world as we see it and to expose the ills of our current culture in a manner that is as respectful as it is honest. This is a story we are all deeply personally invested in, with many of our own experiences being reflected in the work. Because of this high level of attachment and the nature of the material we are making a serious effort to work closely with local communities and small businesses. We hope this will allow for equal, fair and nuanced representation and allow us to spread the love around.


The screenplay has already won Three awards. Including the LAIFFA Gold Award, the Mindfield Gold Award, the HIMPFF Silver Award and most recently we made it to semi-finals at the BlueCat Screenplay competition as well as being invited to participate in the All Genre Screenplay Contest, the Finish Line Script Competition and the Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards.